DELIVERY offers delivery right at your doorstep. Purchased goods should arrive within 24 hours to 4 days from the moment your order is made, excluding official holidays. If there is a delay you would be informed immediately by either one of our colleagues or through a message at our website.

Our team of professionals aims to determine the best option when choosing a courier for every individual case, taking into account the size and weight of the merchandise and the region, to which it should be delivered, so that the customer would pay the lowest price.

While you are personalizing your order you will notice a blank space named “notes”. In it you could indicate the desired day of the delivery and we would do our best to suit your wish, only if it does not interfere with the schedule of service in your town.

Goods are delivered to:

-          The door of your apartment for functional residential buildings and operating elevators.

-          The entrance of the building, in the absence of operating elevator.

-          The dooryard, for houses with a yard.

The working times of all couriers is between 10:00 and 18:00. is not responsible for delays, which are caused by the courier or other circumstances, not dependent on

Immediately after the delivery, the client/consumer or an authorized person should examine the purchase carefully. If there is any potential damage, breaks or other deficiencies, an assistant from the department of e-commerce should be instantly informed, by telephone - 0888-607009, or through e-mail,

If the delivery is accepted without complaints, claims due to loss or damage lose their validity. If a protocol for damages is not made in the presence of the courier, the recipient loses his ability to complain.

When the delivery is conveyed, the consumer/client or third person are obliged to sign the accompanying documents. For a third person is regarded everyone, who is not a titular of the application, but receives the delivered purchase and is located at the stated by the client address. In case that the client cannot be found at the stated address within the term of the delivery or there is no provided access and there are obstructions for delivering the purchase, discontinues to be responsible for delivering the requested goods.